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Imminent Arrivals…..as the jitters set in!




Life over the past week has been a tad on the busy side – work, birthdays, school exams, stressed teenagers…you get the picture.

 Looming large on the horizon is also the anticipated arrival of Book Baby 2 aka Impossible Depths.

I’ve used the pregnancy analogy throughout the “gestation” of Book Baby 1 and 2 so why change the train of thought now? (I’m holding onto any and all trains of thought I can right now!)

Book Baby 2’s arrival is imminent. (Still not revealing the actual due date)

Safe to say, it’s fully formed and, if this was a real pregnancy, I’d say the head is engaged and I’m experiencing runs of Braxton Hicks. There’s an underlying air of excited expectation growing…..and panic! Am I ready for this?  EEKK!

In reality, I’m in the final throes of editing and proof reading and rapidly reaching the stage of second-guessing myself.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day this week!

Deep breaths…stay calm….

My final “scan”…sorry, paperback proof…arrived last week. It’s currently sporting a plethora of post it markers as I make the final tweaks to the punctuation and amend the odd sentence here and there.  Yes, I’m becoming OCD about it!

The cover also threw up a bit of a resolution issue so it was back out with Photoshop, another cry for help to my “fairy godmother” who has been SO incredibly patient with me. I think I’ve found and resolved the issue. Can’t have a fuzzy Book Baby 2!

I revealed the actual cover on my Facebook author page last weekend (https://www.facebook.com/Coral-McCallum-639174446188152/timeline?ref=page_internal)

 Oh..you haven’t seen my new baby yet?

OK, just for you…here it is! 


 Actual cover pic


 Like it? 

Keep your eyes peeled on here or on Facebook for news of new arrivals 😉

 PS. If you missed Book Baby 1 aka Stronger Within you can check it out on Amazon. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00VXDSC1M?keywords=stronger%20within&qid=1455820294&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1

Pause: Rewind: And Breathe!

Is it just me or has someone put the world into fast forward over the past couple of weeks?

I feel like I’ve blinked and lost a week!

So what’s been happening?

Quick whistle stop tour of the past couple of weeks coming up!

Mainly the “real world” has been taking more of my time.  No major dramas. Just busy busy!

On the creative front, Book Baby 2 has been monopolising my time in various guises.

The first draft is finally typed. Hallelujah! Now to start re-drafting and editing. Honestly, writing the story is proving yet again to be the easy bit.

I’ve also had the “torturous” task of sourcing an appropriate cover image/photo. I’ve finally agreed on one but I’m keeping it under wraps for now. I’m  confident the Jake Power fans among you won’t be disappointed.  😉

I have however come up with my “promo” shot for Book Baby 2. That I can share!

Impossible Depths promo shot.jpg

I also escaped  “out to play” last Thursday. The 149 day live music drought ended with a memorable night in The Cathouse watching Crobot.  Thanks, guys! Hurry back! My  ears were ringing, buzzing and hissing until Sunday.

I’ve already “blogged” about it on my other blog page The 525 To Glasgow. Here’s the link if you want to check it out –


So now it’s time to pause, rewind a bit on the Book Baby 2 front as I commence the re-drafting and editing process and to breathe!

Normal blog antics will resume when I’ve caught my breath!