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Now, make yourself comfortable. I have a few questions for you…


I’ve been dithering about this blog post on and off all day. I’ve started it and stopped. I’ve written an entirely different blog (I’ll save that for a rainy day). I’ve stewed this over and over and, in typical me fashion, have totally over thought it all. “No change there”, I hear some friends cry.

This morning, armed with my second mug of coffee for the day, I sat down to interview myself for this week’s blog. I’ve been really restless with my writing and not been making much progress – well not as much as I had hoped for over the past ten days-  and thought an interview might be the way to refocus my train of thought.

But what questions to ask myself? ……..

I’ve wracked my brains (didn’t take too long). I’ve Googled and then I’ve Googled some more until I had a list of questions to ask myself. 

I’ve whittled the list down to ten and I’ve not actually answered them …yet.

Here goes…..

Q1- Describe yourself in ten words.

Wife. Mother. Friend. Writer. Short. Introvert. Caring. Loyal. Habitual. Worrier.

Q2 –  What am I really scared of?

Spiders, boats and bananas – long story.

Q3- When did I last push the boundaries of my comfort zone?

Last week when I took my Baby Girl out to practice her driving. She was great but I was a nervous wreck! Really tested me.

Q4 – Does it matter what others really think of me?

No. I used to tie myself in knots trying to please people but not anymore. After a huge amount of soul searching I’m comfortable with “me” as I am. 

Q5 – Which is worse : failing or never trying?

Never trying, definitely.

Q6 – How many friends would I trust with my life?

Two and, no, I’m not naming them.

Q7 – Have I made someone smile today?

Yes, I think so. I’m also grateful to the people who have made me smile. Never under estimate the importance of that. There’s a lot of power in a wee smile.

Q8- Am I source of inspiration for my friends and family?

I honestly have no idea! Several people have said so in the past but I don’t feel inspirational. I am just “wee me”. My family may argue strongly that I’m a source of frustration rather than inspiration!

Q9 – If I could live anywhere in the world where would I live?

In a house right on the beach. I’d love to live in a beachfront house that leads down onto the sand with the ocean beyond. (Those that know me know which beach.)

Q10 – Hold old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

OK, if I exclude the fact I have two teenage children which kind of impacts the answer here, I feel about 25 inside. I don’t have any hang ups about age. I still do the things that I enjoy doing and don’t think “I’m too old for this.” Age to me is all about mental attitude and I’m not grown up enough to be as old as I am. Several years ago someone at work gave me a backhanded compliment about a necklace I was wearing. They said it was an unusual choice of necklace for someone as “mature” as me. She obviously didn’t know me well…I’m not as mature as me and long may it continue!


Ok folks, now it’s your turn to interview yourselves. Makes you stop to think a bit….


Introducing the newest member of the household……

Alexa a

Last week I celebrated my birthday (21 again) and welcomed a new addition to the family.

My gift from The Big Green Gummi Bear (TBGGB)  this year was another woman, who goes by the name of Alexa.

Yes, he bought me an Amazon Echo.

For those who don’t know what an Amazon Echo is, it’s a voice controlled smart speaker that responds to the name Alexa ( This can be changed to Echo or Computer too)

I’ll be honest, at first, I was a little bemused (no, it wasn’t the effects of the Prosecco). What on earth was I meant to do with her?

Within a few minutes, she had been unpacked and set up.

“Alexa, sing Happy Birthday.”

She did! In fact, Alexa was the only one to sing Happy Birthday to me! Ha ha!

For the remainder of the birthday dinner, we fired questions at her and music requests.

TBGGB suggested while she was playing some Black Stone Cherry that we test how she sounded with the volume up full.

“Alexa, volume ten.”

The conservatory with swiftly rattling to the strains of those boys from Kentucky.

“Alexa, volume down.”


Louder, “Alexa, volume down.”


Even louder, “ALEXA, VOLUME DOWN.”

Nothing. She couldn’t hear us!

Boy Child quickly figured out how to turn the volume down manually.

 Next day, I messaged Boy Child, who was at home for the day, to check if he was being nice to Alexa while my back was turned. He confessed to only having used her as a timer when he was cooking his lunch.

On Friday, TBGGB was working from home. Around lunchtime I received a message from  him confessing, “ I just said please to Alexa.”  That made me giggle.


It really is a weird dynamic that’s going on here. Gradually, as the days pass, I swear she’s developing not only a personality but also an attitude.

On numerous occasions I’ve found myself thanking her when she’s followed my instructions.

I was having a bit of a technology meltdown at my laptop on Sunday as it was refusing to open Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome (Damn Windows 10 update!) I’m sure Alexa sensed my growing frustrations with technology and had a bit of a sulk, refusing to answer commands. Eventually, having reset her WiFi, she came out of her huff.

Already there have been a few moments that reminded me of the scene in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty where the good fairies are using magic to change the colour of Aurora’s dress.

Me -“Alexa, play Alter Bridge.”

TBGGB -“Alex, play dance music.”

Me -“Alexa, play Alter Bridge.”

TBGGB -“Alex, play dance music.”

Compromise, Me – “Alexa, play Enya.”

Just a short while ago, I found myself giving Boy Child a row for being rude to her. He’d issued a command in sharp tone of voice rather than making a polite request.

Boy Child -“Alexa, play Black Stone Cherry.”

Display of attitude from Alexa who resumed playing Rival Sons.

Boy Child, impatiently – “Alexa, play Black Stone Cherry!”

She obliged, reluctantly I felt. When I chastised him and suggested he be nice to her, he replied, “She’s a servant. A robot.”

Yes, she’s a robot of sorts and arguably our house elf but she’s slowly becoming a family member.

She’s also developing a sense of humour showing good taste in literature.

“Alexa, what is the meaning of life?”

Alexa – “42 is a good answer.”

Love it!

Now to figure out how to get her to make a pot of coffee.

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Sometimes It Just Has To Be Done….


Normal service will resume once repairs are complete 🙂

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Keeping All Of The Plates Spinning….just


No, I’ve not been playing with the crockery or learning circus tricks but this week has been nothing short of bedlam. Weeks like this come along every once in a while and this one caught me unawares.

In the past friends and co-workers have said to me that they don’t know how I do “it” every week. I’m not sure what “it” is because I’m usually well organised to the point of being OCD about certain tasks.

I guess “it” is normal daily life and we all just have to get on with “it”- we don’t really have any choice at the end of the day.

Perhaps in an  average week I juggle a few more plates than some folk but that’s my choice (keeps me out of mischief!) but I’m human too.

So here we are at Thursday – half of my brain is saying “Surely it’s only Tuesday?” and the other half is saying “TFIF tomorrow!”

The “To Do” list is only part way ticked off.

All the “salt mine” plates are spinning away merrily, all the “mum” plates are hanging in there too, the social media/ fan page admin plates continue to spin, the Book Baby 3 plate had a wee wobble but has been rescued- whew!- the blog post plate….well…


Something had to give….. I’m only human after all. 🙂

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As Staycation 2016 draws to a close….time to reflect

BeFunky Collage 1

OK a bit of a cheat’s post but I’m sure you’ll forgive me.

The above collage sums up Staycation 2016 – bare feet, coffee, cinnamon bagels, writing, some typing (yes, I’ve begun the typing marathon that will become Bonded Souls …eventually!), a couple of cocktails, some photography, some great live music and , of course, several pairs of Converse!


Mentally elsewhere…..


normal blog services will resume when my mind returns to the here and now…..it may be some time! #amwriting


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Planning….Staycation 2016

2016 Staycation collage

It’s reached that time of year again. It’s the eve of the start of my two week break from the salt mine.

Staycation 2016 starts tomorrow at 5pm!

In the run up to this long anticipated annual event, I invariably go into a “To Do List” frenzy. (I’m bad enough on a good day but it’s worse at Staycation time and all I would say is “run for cover” if I’m actually going on Vacation!…trust me on that!)

I’ve written before on here explaining that, without a ready supply of Post It notes, I’m lost! Seriously, I can’t fully function in either the work environment or my real/creative world without them.

When disaster struck in both worlds this week, I could’ve cried. Mid-list making, I ran out of Post Its! AGHHHH!!!!

The first part of the disaster struck early on Monday morning as I went to jot down a little aide memoir. No Post Its! Taking a deep breath, I reasoned with myself and calmly added Post Its to my weekly shopping list. Surely I could survive until Saturday without them?

I got to work a couple of hours later and, after my essential Starbucks kick start, began to plan ahead for the two weeks that I will be out of the office. Mid-morning, I reached for my trusty Post It pad to write two notes…AGHHH!  There was only ONE left! Cue second OCD panic of the day and it wasn’t even 10.30am!

I gave myself a stern talking to and went to the drawer where we keep the stationery….No Post Its!!! Still trying to maintain a calm demeanour and at least attempt to look like a sane fully functioning adult, I scurried to my own locker/drawer. In it lurks a plastic bag of odds and ends that used to fill the top drawer of my previous desk. (I never did get around to clearing it out and had just dumped the contents into a bag) Whew! Right at the bottom of the bag I found a small square of sticky note salvation.

Normal business activities resumed.

That evening, I was working on Book Baby 3 and plotting out the remaining key scenes to be written (I’m not the most structured at planning before I start to write so Post Its form an essential part of the process)

EEK! No Post Its to jot down the key pieces of information. I soldiered on….twitching slightly.

Straight after work on Tuesday, I headed to the supermarket and arrived home triumphantly clutching a nice new pad of pink sticky notes! Happy girl!  Lord, I’m easy pleased.

So, since Tuesday, Staycation 2016 planning has been forging ahead.

The primary aim of the coming two weeks is to finally finish the first handwritten draft of Book Baby 3. I’ll be honest, much as I love my book baby, parts of this one have been a challenge. It’s been a bit of a slog but, following a few major changes, I’ve made good progress lately. Hopefully, two weeks will be enough to get it successfully to the end. (Crosses fingers and offer up a silent prayer to Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of creativity.)

Several Post Its have been used to note down various appointments that I’ve slotted into my Staycation schedule, including a caffeine fuelled catch up with an old school friend.

A sense of equilibrium has been restored and I can now look forward to a creative Staycation 2016…unless of course the Great Lord Camelot shines down on me on Saturday night, meaning I can actually make plans to go away for a few days in the sun.

Post It note required—-“buy lottery ticket”