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What’s Your Trademark Scent?


The array of bottle sits on the shelf- which one to choose? Do you choose by label? By colour? By aroma?

No, I’m not talking wine bottles! I’m talking perfume bottles.

I’m not a “girlie” girl by any stretch of the imagination. Can’t really be bothered with all the fuss and faffing with hair, nails and make-up but I do like to wear perfume.

The only issue with this is that I’m allergic to the vast majority of them. I may love the scent but sadly most of them don’t love me.

Through trial and error over the years and a lot of sneezing and irritated patches of skin, I’ve found a core suite of fragrances by Philosophy that I stick with.

So, how do you decide which one to wear for the day?

Me? I tend to choose based on my emotions and mood.

The logic of this is as follows-

Pure Grace – for the days when you want to feel fresh and clean all day. A simple uncluttered day.

Amazing Grace – for those rare days when I’m feeling confident (A bottle lasts quite a long time)

Summer Grace – for when it’s a gorgeous day out and the world around you feels good or, at least, you want it to.

Pure Summer Grace – for the days when you need a reminder of a summer beach day (this bottle never lasts long!)

Baby Grace- my favourite – A scent for when you need to feel reassured. The one that whispers “Everything’s going to be ok.” A hug in a bottle.


So what kind of day are you having today?



Four months along the twisting and turning blog path

I can barely believe that it’s been four months since I bit the bullet and started this blog page. Where does time go? Or as the old adage goes- time flies when you are having fun.

And, despite the fears of posting my writing on here, I am having a fun adventure on this creative journey.

At the very outset of this scary magical trip, I said one of my biggest fears was letting people read what I write. I’d be lying if I said I’d totally overcome it but, with each post, it’s getting easier. Each “like” or kind comment banishes another little bit of that crippling fear. So thank you.

I set the goal of submitting one post per week and so far I’m on track. Finding the time to write my blog piece for the week can sometimes prove a challenge. There just aren’t enough hours in the day or the week on occasion. I’ve tried not to be too regimented to prevent it from becoming “routine” – “it’s Tuesday and it’s eight o’clock so it must be blog time”- I can’t write like that. For me it needs to be spontaneous and not overly thought. Do you agree, fellow bloggers?

I’ve also resisted the temptation to rant – although I reserve the right to do so should an appropriate rant come along.

Another fear that, so far, hasn’t come to fruition was that I wouldn’t be able to think of a post for the week. Long may that luck hold out!

The biggest surprise over the last few months writing-wise has been the popularity of my short story “The Imp”. Initially the first part was written as a standalone short tale that grew out of my mental meanderings while out for a walk one lunchtime and was brought to life a few short hours later, while sitting in the car, in the dark, outside the school while I waited for Boy Child to come out from wind orchestra rehearsals. (The Imp is a drawing in another project I am working on and I began to muse about what his story may be and it spiralled from there.)Nine parts later and his tale has been told – for now. Crazy as this may sound, I miss him. Imp fans – he will be back at a later date – time allowing!

As usual time is running away with me so I’ll end here for now. I’d like to thank everyone who is accompanying me, encouraging me and supporting me along this winding creative path. Without you, I’d probably still just be sitting in my conservatory, filling notebooks with stories and poems that no one but me will ever read and wondering “what if…..”.

Thank you and I hope you stick with me for the rest of the journey. Feel free to bring along some friends too. I’m enjoying the company.