I’m the demented mother of two teenagers (one boy child and one girl child); adopted human slave to four cats; work full time; been fortunate enough to publish a handful of my poetry; am a  keen amateur photographer; writer (like all writers I’m working on what I hope will become my first novel but whether it will ever see the light of day beyond my conservatory remains to be seen); married to a fitness freak “the Big Green Gummi Bear”; enjoy the occasional glass of wine or two; am a self confessed caffeine addict; rock music addict (much to the despair of the Big Green Gummi Bear and to the amusement of my mother) and generally am a chaser of rainbows and dreams.

By starting this Blog I’m hoping to overcome one of my biggest fears- letting people read what I’ve written. It should be an interesting journey and I hope you’ll keep me company along the way.


2018 – the story so far…..

Well, much to my own amazement I’ve kept my promise to myself and posted to this blog every week since the start of 2014. Have I overcome my fears?….in part.

Since those first tentative blogging steps I have self-published the first three novels in the Silver Lake series and have published several pieces of short fiction on here. My Silently Watching tales seem to be developing a core cult following. For fans of The Imp, I’ve not forgotten about him, I promise.

I’ve also launched a second blog site The525toGlasgow where I post all things music related. Check it out!

Currently I’m working on book baby 4 and hope to set it free on the world this summer.

The next book in the Silver Lake series is planned for 2019 (for now)

To those of you who have been with me every step of the way on this creative journey, thank you. I couldn’t have come this far without your love and support.

To those of you who have just discovered this blog, welcome. I hope you enjoy what you find here.

Keep chasing those dreams and rainbows, folks. I intend to 🙂



4 responses to “About

  1. You write very well, so you’ve nothing to fear at all.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Coral, I have finally found your blog and what a fantastic discovery it is!!! You HAVE to keep this up!! Xx


  3. Hi Coral,
    I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can pick it up here: https://danicapiche.wordpress.com/2015/11/07/liebster-award-thank-you/
    I hope that you’ll enjoy the award although there is no pressure to participate. 🙂


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