Grandpa Bunny Bunny Does A Good Job

As a little girl I was given the gift of a big blue book of Disney tales. I loved that book! In fact, I still have it.

Among the more popular Disney stories was the story of Grandpa Bunny Bunny. This is a lesser known story, originally published in 1951, about Grandpa Bunny Bunny teaching the younger bunnies how to “decorate” nature with stunning colours. This patriarch realises he about to “go away” as the story phrases it and prepares a special surprise  – a sunset.

Now, forty years on, every time I see a beautiful sunset or the occasional sunrise, I still think “Grandpa Bunny Bunny did a good job on that one.”

Here’s a few he’s created over the past few months.











note- none of these photos have been touched up in any way. It’s all nature’s colours…or Grandpa Bunny Bunny’s artwork

2 responses to “Grandpa Bunny Bunny Does A Good Job

  1. Does anyone know where I can buy grandpa Bunny Bunny? It was my daughters favorite book


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